my first granny squares:

i'm making 4 different squares: 2 yellow and 2 green, always with a white border. i love the color combination, bright and cheerful!

what do you think?

(also check out my "granny square counter", on the right of this page)


5 reasons why spring is so much better than winter:

1. spring is the perfect time for squeezing our feet into pretty, open shoes.

2. letting the dog out is so much more enjoyable in spring.

3. having pink things all over your garden makes everyone happy.

4. reading in the grass makes a good book even better.

5. spring is perfect for going on long bike rides.

anyone else longing for spring as much as me? reasons why? do tell!


i'm in crocheting heaven! i finally received the cotton wool i ordered some weeks ago at HobbyGigant.nl and it finally arrived!
this is going to be one of my biggest crafty projects ever...

i'm going to make a granny square blanket!
it's going to be a lot of work, but the good part is that you can easily crochet on the train, on the bus, while watching tv, while talking to someone, while waiting... i'll post pictures of some finished squares some other time... but i'm loving it already. i love the colors!!

i'm also considering this project as finished:

because i was only practicing my crocheting skills with these squares! i made about fifteen of these squares so far, i might make a pillow cover out of them.

a lot of starting projects lately, i know... as i said, i like working on a lot of different things at the same time. :)


all you knit is love!
two years ago, i knitted this scarf for my boyfriend. we went to pick out "masculin" blue wool and i knitted it in seedstitch, which is very pretty and easy. knit, purl, knit, repeat this till end, same on the other side. unfortunately i decided to "knit up" all the wool (because it was expensive) which resulted into a really long scarf. he decided it was too long for him to wear, and it turned he didn't like the stitch too much. (he's rather picky about clothes, accesories and shoes) so i ended up wearing it!

anyways, knitting eases my mind and calmes my nerves, so i started yet another knitting project...... i like working on different projects at the same time, so i can change and it never gets boring.

but this one has been a pain in the ass so far! i'll explain why someday. ;)


after making my spool rack my boyfriend said he wanted to make me a sewing box too. we were already deciding how big it should be and how many compartments it should have, when we went to a flea market and found this:

for only 10 euros it was mine. when we brought it home, we decided to give it a little more color, so we took it apart and painted all the black parts into a toilet-ish green.
which resulted into this:

isn't it gorgeous??

unfortunately, my sewing space is rather small and i have to put it next to my (tiny) sewing table... but once i move out of my parents house i promise i will find a better place for it.

also check out my spool rack: i sorted my sewing thread by color, it's even prettier now:


great news: i got a blogger award! Tie-ne nominated me and it really made my day. So thank you Tine!!

the award rules are:
1. thank the blogger that gave the award (check)
2. put the award on your blog (check)
3. link the person who nominated you (check)
4. share 7 interesting facts about yourself
5. nominate 7 other bloggers

my 7 interesting facts:
1. i can't go to a flea market or to a thrift store without buying buttons, books, porcelain or vintage tin cans.
2. i really want my older sister and brother to have kids soon, so i can spoil them with selfmade gifts. i would also make a great grandma!
3. i'm currently in my master year in graphic design at KASK in Ghent. my masterproject is about designing pocket book versions of 5 medieval stories. i really enjoy designing books!
4. i started knitting at 18 when a friend of mine lost her scarf. i decided to make her a new one, and i haven't stopped knitting ever since.
5. i finished reading The Dark Tower series by Stephen King some months ago. it took me two years to read all seven books, and when i finished, it was really dissapointing. not because of the ending of the story but because of the ending of the reading.
6. my blog name comes from an interviewi once read in Knack Weekend. i cut it out and pasted it on my sketchbook for my second bachelor year. back then, my blog was mostly about assignments from school and collages and drawings from my sketchbook. although i changed my blog last year; i decided to keep the name because i'm quite a nostalgic person, and i think it suits me very well.
7. i can sleep anywhere, anytime. on the train, on the bus, standing up, in theoretic classes. i even fall asleep sitting on my boyfriends motorcycle.

and i nominate the following bloggers:

1. ma vie en vert: for inspiring me to think ecologic and because i enjoy reading her blog alot.
2. miss stik: for sharing great recepies and inspiration.
3. de oontand blogt: because i love her photos and her original blog name.
4. madam hert : for her original banner and her HOLGA photos.
5. handmaidliset: because i learned how to crochet, just because of her blog.
6. eloleo: for her links to great sewing projects, for her tutorial for the recycled shopping bag and for inspiring so many creative people.
7. emily: for telling us what's hot and happening in beauty world.


some other hidden treasures i found in a second hand bookstore (to be precise: in "the english bookshop" on the ajuinlei in ghent, i can reccommend this shop to anyone looking for second hand literature, art books or like me, pretty books ) for only 50 cents!
that's what i love about finding these little books: they're all so pretty and really cheap too.

anyway; both the booklets are guides to a museum or to a park. the guide to Osterley Park is my favorite, 'cause of the faded blue color and the simple, yet stylish typography. i bought the other guide for it's odd color combination and the drawing of the canon going all the way to the back of the booklet... picture time!


just recently, i wrote my (late) new years resolutions for 2010. the list was getting longer and longer, and i realized it was almost impossible to get all of these things done in less than a year.

that's when i discovered the day zero project. the principle is very simple: you write a list of 101 things you want to get done in 1001 days. for me personally, it has been a great help to set my goals (some important, some random). having it on the internet somehow keeps me motivated!

some items on my list (i'm not sharing them all):

1. graduate (working on it)
3. find a job
5. learn how to crochet
12. use my 5000 brown buttons (working on it)
21. travel somewhere warm
26. grow my hair long (working on it)
44. take a picture everyday for a month
63. give blood
64. write a blogpost about the day zero project


work(s) in progress:


another project from sewing class finished! after the apron, we had to make a handbag. i chose a tapestry kind of fabric, it kind of looks vintage but it is new!


a side detail with cute metalic blue-ish buttons, matching with the zippers.

and a little bag on the inside. since i had no lining, we attached the little bag (which was the excercise for learning how to put a zipper in) with two little straps. the inside isn't really that pretty, but ah well!

i also went on a little shopping spree in january, looking for sales and discounts. this is what i found!
from left to right: a very cute blue/black cotton fabric (i'm probably making a little summer dress or summer skirt out of it); some fabric my grandma gave me; a very cheap leftover of which i couldn't figure out if i found it really ugly or really pretty so i bought it anyway; probably the cutest flowery fabric i ever came across and last but not least purple tapestry fabric that i totally fell in love with! happy happy!

i also bought a whole bunch of Gutermann sewing thread at RommelAnt for only 1,25 euros (!) per piece and a LOT of buttons at Veritas for 5 euros.