great news: i got a blogger award! Tie-ne nominated me and it really made my day. So thank you Tine!!

the award rules are:
1. thank the blogger that gave the award (check)
2. put the award on your blog (check)
3. link the person who nominated you (check)
4. share 7 interesting facts about yourself
5. nominate 7 other bloggers

my 7 interesting facts:
1. i can't go to a flea market or to a thrift store without buying buttons, books, porcelain or vintage tin cans.
2. i really want my older sister and brother to have kids soon, so i can spoil them with selfmade gifts. i would also make a great grandma!
3. i'm currently in my master year in graphic design at KASK in Ghent. my masterproject is about designing pocket book versions of 5 medieval stories. i really enjoy designing books!
4. i started knitting at 18 when a friend of mine lost her scarf. i decided to make her a new one, and i haven't stopped knitting ever since.
5. i finished reading The Dark Tower series by Stephen King some months ago. it took me two years to read all seven books, and when i finished, it was really dissapointing. not because of the ending of the story but because of the ending of the reading.
6. my blog name comes from an interviewi once read in Knack Weekend. i cut it out and pasted it on my sketchbook for my second bachelor year. back then, my blog was mostly about assignments from school and collages and drawings from my sketchbook. although i changed my blog last year; i decided to keep the name because i'm quite a nostalgic person, and i think it suits me very well.
7. i can sleep anywhere, anytime. on the train, on the bus, standing up, in theoretic classes. i even fall asleep sitting on my boyfriends motorcycle.

and i nominate the following bloggers:

1. ma vie en vert: for inspiring me to think ecologic and because i enjoy reading her blog alot.
2. miss stik: for sharing great recepies and inspiration.
3. de oontand blogt: because i love her photos and her original blog name.
4. madam hert : for her original banner and her HOLGA photos.
5. handmaidliset: because i learned how to crochet, just because of her blog.
6. eloleo: for her links to great sewing projects, for her tutorial for the recycled shopping bag and for inspiring so many creative people.
7. emily: for telling us what's hot and happening in beauty world.


  1. Oh, kon ik ook maar zo gemakkelijk slapen, wat een gave!
    Bedankt voor de award he, je maakt mijn maandag met je complimenten. Ik ben werkelijk verheugd dat ik je kan inspireren ;)

  2. Oeh, ik ben al benieuwd naar het projectje :)

  3. joepie en merci!
    groetjes, dav

  4. Wauw wat een compliment!! En super bedankt voor de award. Ik ga er gauw over schrijven.
    Mooi 'interessant' stukje over jezelf. Bijzonder afstudeerproject!En leuk ook de uitleg over de naam van je blog. Top!

  5. Dankjewel! Dit is een mooi compliment. Ik hou ervan dat anderen ervan houden. Blogland is zo fijn, hè.


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