just recently, i wrote my (late) new years resolutions for 2010. the list was getting longer and longer, and i realized it was almost impossible to get all of these things done in less than a year.

that's when i discovered the day zero project. the principle is very simple: you write a list of 101 things you want to get done in 1001 days. for me personally, it has been a great help to set my goals (some important, some random). having it on the internet somehow keeps me motivated!

some items on my list (i'm not sharing them all):

1. graduate (working on it)
3. find a job
5. learn how to crochet
12. use my 5000 brown buttons (working on it)
21. travel somewhere warm
26. grow my hair long (working on it)
44. take a picture everyday for a month
63. give blood
64. write a blogpost about the day zero project

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