two more weeks and we are setting up the christmas tree! we already bought the lights and also some cute decorations, although i know that's not what i planned, i just couldn't resist... :)

time keeps ticking so i'm knitting like crazy!
last weekend my boyfriend helped making these felt balls and pom-poms...which were fun and quick to make using a pom-pom-maker!
so, after this quick update i'm going back to my knitting.
doing the dishes and laundry will have to wait until tomorrow!


i'm having a very relaxed sunday today... not doing anything special, just drinking some coffee and documenting my latest crafty projects...

this week i started on a new knitting project; with the yarn i bought at the fleamarket. (apparently putting raw coffee in an envelope inside the bag with yarn helps getting rid of the smell!)
i'm going for a purely functional knit... bed/couch-socks! i hope i finish them soon cause i always have cold feet in the evening. :)
next to show is one of the crochet snowflakes i made. maybe i'll put them in the christmas tree, maybe i'll make a garland for the windows or mantle, don't know yet... :)
i also wanted to share these pictures i took. the sun was shining so beautifully in the park across the street, and made pretty shadows inside our living room... which makes me love living here even more!
that's it for now... have a nice sunday evening!


i finished my first christmas balls! they turn out quite big (note: i do have tiny hands) but that's a good thing, cause we're planning on having a big christmas tree. :)
 here are 2 finished christmas balls, one ball waiting for stuffing and one being knitted. i'm really getting the hang of it, each ball looks better and better!

i also went treasurehunting at the fleamarket this weekend, this is what i bought:
 buttons, as usual.i looove the pink and purple ones, so cute.
and yarn!! i definitely have enough yarn stocked up, but i couldn't resist buying some more skeins as the colors were extremely nice! now i only have to figure out how to get rid of the musty smell... :)