lately, all i seem to be doing is knitting socks... casting on a new pair... ripping it out again... trying something else... and then ending up knitting just my regular sock pattern. :)
the socks i have on the needles now, are meant to be a pretty, mismatched pair of socks, using all my sock scraps! (i'm also really into working with scraps lately) and they are becoming soooo pretty! i'm just knitting stripes (5 rows) and grabbing a random colour from a bag, making sure not to look, because once i start thinking about all the possible colour combinations, the socks would never have that random, scrappy look.

last summer i also cast on this one, by a pattern called "Giles Wavy socks". while i really loved knitting the chevrons, i hated the result. blegh!! i think a pattern like this would come out so much better with yarn with softer colour changes.
 this one was the exact opposite; the Vanilla Latte socks. again, a lovely (more simple) pattern, but i felt like there wasn't enough "going on"...  :)
 so i decided to rip these out and store the yarn for a better purpose. meanwhile i'm really enjoying knitting my scrappy socks (stripes are sooo addictive) and waiting for my new yarn to arrive... because this autumn, i'll be knitting myself a Paulie!


somewhere in july, i started yet another blanket. a picnic blanket this time. but it's going to be an easy one, to use up my huge stash of dust-collecting acrylic yarns. 
 the plan is to knit 6 or 7 long garter stitch scarves with yarn held double (always a colour + white yarn to tone down the colours a bit, since i will be using a lot of colours. i also have a lot of white yarn), and to make these into a picnic blanket with, perhaps, a fabric back. (i'm thinking of a quilt with squares that are the same size... we'll see)

 i made a colour scheme to make sure all the colours i want to use are divided equally... so i don't even have to think about the colours while i'm knitting, i just knit away!