finally some pictures of paulie and the progress i made so far:
now it's really starting to look like a cardigan! 
i also tried it on one day and... it fits!!! yay!!
it's so magical to see how some stitches, increases and decreases start to form a shape to something wearable and pretty. :) happy happy!


my scrappy socks are coming along quite nicely! one is finished (except for weaving in all the ends, i'm not looking forward to that part...) and the other is about 1/3rd done. knitting stripes is really motivational for me, i can't wait to see what it will look like with the next stripe, and the next, and the next... :)

i also received my yarn for paulie, and made a swatch (my first swatch EVER) to check gauge. my gauge is a bit off (the swatch is a tiny bit too big), but i'm knitting size S which is a bit too small for me (but i'm definitely more a size S than a size M according to the size chart...) so i'm hoping this problem will solve itsself. as for the colours: i shamelessly copied the colours from the original design, but i'm using a lighter shade of gray and a bright, almost neon kind of yellow.
i already cast on and started knitting, but no pictures yet. :) i'm soooo excited though, and i'm having the hardest time putting it away!