so, last week i lost my bike keys. i thought i lost them on the train (which resulted in taking the train back to work, when i was almost home - i NEED those keys), but it turned out they fell out of my purse when locking my other bike. (yep, two bikes, because home and work are 60km apart and i go by bike, train and bike again) lucky for me, a colleague went to look for them in the bike racks of the train station and she found them! happy - and lucky- me!! (sarah: if you're reading: honourable mention on the blog, especially for you)

i have a special talent for forgetting, losing or misplacing my stuff. i don't know how it happens and why, and i really do try to pay extra attention when i put things in one place or leave the train, but still, it happens quite frequently. i'm gonna try to force myself to check my purse when i leave: wallet: check, phone: check, keys: check! and i decided my keys need a bigger keychain!
so i made this tiny knitted house today. i'm really happy with it! it could use some perfectioning, like the duplicate stitches i tried (the door is a bit wonky but the window looks pretty good i think - i might try this technique again to embellish some of my knitting work or to fake intricate colourwork), but i just made the pattern up and i think it turned out pretty well. :) yay!
wallet: check! phone: check: instant gratification project, check!