another project from sewing class finished! after the apron, we had to make a handbag. i chose a tapestry kind of fabric, it kind of looks vintage but it is new!


a side detail with cute metalic blue-ish buttons, matching with the zippers.

and a little bag on the inside. since i had no lining, we attached the little bag (which was the excercise for learning how to put a zipper in) with two little straps. the inside isn't really that pretty, but ah well!

i also went on a little shopping spree in january, looking for sales and discounts. this is what i found!
from left to right: a very cute blue/black cotton fabric (i'm probably making a little summer dress or summer skirt out of it); some fabric my grandma gave me; a very cheap leftover of which i couldn't figure out if i found it really ugly or really pretty so i bought it anyway; probably the cutest flowery fabric i ever came across and last but not least purple tapestry fabric that i totally fell in love with! happy happy!

i also bought a whole bunch of Gutermann sewing thread at RommelAnt for only 1,25 euros (!) per piece and a LOT of buttons at Veritas for 5 euros.


  1. oooo
    mooie tas!
    van waar zijn de stofjes?? ook heel mooi!

  2. hihi danku eline! :)
    de stofjes komen van twee stoffenwinkeltjes in turnhout! vooral soldekes, daarmee da't wa winterkleuren zijn enzo. :) kweet alleen nog niet wat ermee maken...

  3. Mooi tasje. Leuke zijkanten zo met dat lint.

  4. ben verliefd op die tweede stof! heb je die knopen zelf gekozen of waren die in een pakketje?

  5. die knopen lagen in een grote bak met hun "afdankertjes", en je mocht een frietzakje vullen voor 5 euro! je kon ook gewoon schepen, maar ik heb natuurlijk zorgvuldig de mooiste eruit gekozen hihi. :)


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