some other hidden treasures i found in a second hand bookstore (to be precise: in "the english bookshop" on the ajuinlei in ghent, i can reccommend this shop to anyone looking for second hand literature, art books or like me, pretty books ) for only 50 cents!
that's what i love about finding these little books: they're all so pretty and really cheap too.

anyway; both the booklets are guides to a museum or to a park. the guide to Osterley Park is my favorite, 'cause of the faded blue color and the simple, yet stylish typography. i bought the other guide for it's odd color combination and the drawing of the canon going all the way to the back of the booklet... picture time!


  1. hey,ik gaf je een blog award! zie m'n blog, groetjes

  2. bij mijn vorg babushka project kon ik de bloemen ook niet weggooien, heb er toen ook sleutelhangers van gemaakt..

  3. Oh I just love that store! I have its business card lying here, the shopkeepers name is Godfrey Mason, it's so English I just love it. Bought a ton of books there the first time I went, haven't been able to go back but will do the next time I visit Ghent!


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