fleamarket and kringwinkel-finds from the last few weeks:
a wooden apple-bowl...
lots of mending wool to fix the holes in my socks...
six skeins of soft mint-coloured Phildar yarn...
and a book with patterns for seventies shawls! i might crochet the shawl on the cover with the new (old) yarn but there are so many great patterns out there it will be difficult to choose! :)


my second pair of socks is finished! again the basic pattern like my first pair and even the same type of yarn, but look how different the outcome!

i'm wearing them right now and they are super warm and soft and cosy... perfect for a lazy sunday!!

i also added a new label for my blogposts: "the sock bug", for anything sock-related. :) up to the next pair!!


ready for a crochet update?
tadah! here's my sisters crocheted cowl! i think the color looks great on her and it's really warm and cosy. i'm definitely making one for myself too!

i also started working on my granny square blanket again! here's a picture, and i updated my granny square counter too. 144 squares so far! so far so good...


i thought it would be fun to make a photo mosaic of all my (finished!) creative projects of 2010. so here it is.
i forgot to add the pyjama i made in sewing class, some other small sewing projects, the knitted socks i'm currently working on, all the prototypes/tryouts i made for my label, the cowl i made for my sister (which is finished, but technically, i finished it in 2011) and my granny square blanket. (which is still growing!!)

i hope i can show the finished cowl soon! but my sister is wearing it (and getting a lot of compliments about it) so i'll have to wait till she comes (when it's not dark outside) over for a decent picture. :)


happy new year!!
2010 was a very busy and creative year for me. i hope 2011 will be calmer... :) and longer! i already made my new years resolutions.

in 2011 i...
- want to get used to my new daily life
- am going to move out of my parents house (so you will probably see a lot of handmade things... cushions, blankets, embroidered handkerchiefs, christmas decorations etc. in a few months)
- want to finish some projects (the granny square blanket, it's taking me forever)
- have my label ready, perhaps already some items sold?
- want to finish creative projects more quickly
- want to try using up the yarn i already have lying around instead of buying new yarn
- want to try knitting a hat and knit a LOT of socks
- ...

what are your resolutions for 2011?

PS: my sisters cowl is almost finished... hopefully i can finish it today!