it's picture-time!
here's the finished boyfriend scarf i've been wanting to show:

and this is the cowl for my sister. it's very easy to crochet but it uses so much wool! it's only 15cms wide and it already used 4 skeins.. phew!

some time ago i also started this cross stitch work. i'm following a christmas-style heartshaped pattern from the cross stitch book i bought in Aix-en-Provence.
i always like it when i have a lot of creative projects going on. i still have to finish my second pair of socks too!


wow, it's already december! the "boyfriend scarf" is finished, i haven't found the time to take decent pictures yet, but i'll show it soon, it's quite pretty if i say so myself. i'm trying to "unfluff" it, it's a bit itchy and fluffy... i heard about putting it in the freezer but i tried that and it didn't work... maybe it has to go in wet? tips anyone?
i'm now crocheting a cute cowl for my sister using blue merino wool (so soft!), i hope it will be finished before christmas. and i'm definitely making one for myself too, i can never have too many scarves/shawls/cowls. :)

i'm also still conceptualizing the items for my label and i'm designing a logo, ordering labels and all... i'm currently working 6 days out of 7 so there's not much time left to create. i hope i will have some things ready to show in the christmas holidays though. :) still getting used to "the working life"... how i miss the free time of a student!