i'm in crocheting heaven! i finally received the cotton wool i ordered some weeks ago at HobbyGigant.nl and it finally arrived!
this is going to be one of my biggest crafty projects ever...

i'm going to make a granny square blanket!
it's going to be a lot of work, but the good part is that you can easily crochet on the train, on the bus, while watching tv, while talking to someone, while waiting... i'll post pictures of some finished squares some other time... but i'm loving it already. i love the colors!!

i'm also considering this project as finished:

because i was only practicing my crocheting skills with these squares! i made about fifteen of these squares so far, i might make a pillow cover out of them.

a lot of starting projects lately, i know... as i said, i like working on a lot of different things at the same time. :)


  1. Succes er mee. Ik zou het ook graag willen doen maar ik vrees dat het nooit af zal geraken!

  2. Bedankt, enkele mensen uit m'n omgeving hebben me al gek verklaard.. reden te meer om het te doen. :)

  3. this is such a fun project! I can't wait to see the finished product. My grandma has about a ton of stuff like that hanging and lying around her house. I should take some pictures next time I visit and show you all her old fashioned loveliness. It will make you go wild!

  4. Dat wordt inderdaad nog een tijdje werk! Veel en langdurend plezier! :)


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