ever wondered what happened to the granny square sampler i started last year? (probably not :)) 
i was so enthousiastic about it, and loving every square... but when i started crocheting all the different squares together, i didn't love the result. too much white and just... weird. and not at all what i had in mind. so i left it untouched... until i decided that would be a waste of the yarn. so i started ripping it out so i can use the yarn for my hexagon blanket. :) no yarn waste in this house!
and just look how pretty these these hexagons-to-be are?
 also... i'm near to finishing my pair of two-colored socks. yippeeee!!!
PS: the workshop at Maakdag yesterday was great! i had 13 sweet and enthousiastic ladies to teach and they all managed to crochet at least one hexagon by the end of the workshop! mission accomplished, although my teaching methods definitely need some polishing... ;) maybe i should follow a workshop about teaching workshops... does that make sense?


i'm happy to announce i will be giving another crochet workshop at Maakdag!
 we're gonna crochet hexagons and granny squares this time... i started out with some hexagons to get the hang of it myself, but i just couldn't stop... so i'm thinking... a new blanket.. maybe??


yes! i finished the boyfriend-hat! it seems silly to make a hat, when winter is almost over and spring is already peeking... but we just spent our winter vacation in switzerland, and only a week before we left, we both realised: boyfriend doesn't have a hat! i had to reknit it twice, because of sizing issues. (my mistake) but i managed to finish it... in the car on our way to switzerland!
as you can see, it fits, but it's a bit too long in his neck. the pattern (thorpe hat) required some extra rows on this part of the hat, so it's easy to skip these next time i make this hat. (boyfriend likes it so much he wants another one, in black!)
the yarn is 100% merino wool and it is super soft. i also love the colours, and the tassels! i might add a pom-pom... but i'm not sure yet. what do you think?