i found these beauties almost a year ago in a second hand bookstore in Utrecht, Holland, for only 3 euros per book.
they are numbers 220, 65 and 149 from a series about german literature called "insel-b├╝cherei". (more information, unfortunatly in german)

aren't they gorgeous?!

and check out this cute little sticker!


my week started pretty good, because on monday i received a little package coming from Tiene. she made matruschka key chains a while ago, and i thought they were so cute, i just had to have one. so we decided to do a little exchange, i sent her a notebook and some postcards i made some time ago, and she sent me one of her matruschka keychains and a very very cute fabric button. (which happened to look great on what i was wearing that day!)
so, thank you very much, Tiene!

last week i made the shopping bag (with old curtains) by Eloleo's pattern, like i said i would! it was a great tutorial for a beginner like me, very easy to follow and well explained.
thank you Eloleo!


some time ago, i knitted this scarf for veerle's birthday.
we picked out the wool together, and she chose the pattern...
she also took the following photos, so all credits go to her, except for the knitting, ofcourse!


some time ago, i found cheap sewing patterns for bags by McCalls. they looked really simple, so i figured it would be perfect for my very first sewing project at home.

i selected the easiest tote bag, and made it with old fabric i got from my mother in law (to be). halfway trough the instructions, i discovered i made a quite big error, and since i was unable to fix it, i improvised untill i got something that looked like a bag. it's not at all as neat as it should have been and i'm also not happy with the size (too small)... i will try it again later, but with a thick cotton fabric, because this fabric is cute, but too thin. (and quite difficult to work with)
that's why i'll use it to put my knittings in:

i'm also gonna try this tutorial by eloleo and make my contribution to her project!


remember what was on my wishlist?
look what santa got me two weeks ago!!

i only wish i had a bigger bookshelf to put them on... that's why this book is lying on my desk ever since my boyfriend gave it for my birthday:

great book by the way... it even came with a bookmark!


something else from sewing class:
an apron and pot holders (made with leftover fabric)!
the fabric is 100% cotton, and i loved the colourful dotted pattern.

fits perfectly!!

some details:

the pot holders:

now there's only one thing left to do: start using them!