ahh, finally there was enough light in our living room for some decent photos of the sewing project i finished... as you can see, i made a bunch of pillowcases! i promised my boyfriend a year ago that i would make pillowcases and now i finally did... it was about time.. ;)

  the fabric comes from ikea, i had just the right amount of fabric for 7 pillowcases.  i followed this tutorial from mina dotter... and now i realised, making pillows is easy peasy! i can't see why i postponed it for an entire year. :)

i also still have to show you swatch 16. it was a cable again! not much to tell about this one, just a different kind of cable.. :)

swatch no.16: cables #3
that's all for now... see you soon with a new swatch!


oops! week 16 (almost) passed and i still have to show swatch 14 and 15! both swatches were lying around, waiting to be photographed... and then a friend visited. she brought us some pretty forget-me-not's, so i had the perfect set-up for some photos. :)

swatch 14 was a diagonal rib. it's a really masculin stitch i think, i'm not sure why. the diagonal ribbing comes out really well, this swatch was a joy to knit!

swatch no.14: ribs #3
 swatch 15 is called the checkerboard stitch... it's quite obvious why. :) it's a pretty stitch, but it looks a lot like seed or moss stitch. i think bigger blocks would look better!

swatch no.15: knit/purl #4

 i'm really loving the forget-me-not's... they brighten up the whole table! :)
when the light is better, i will show the finished sewing project... you've all been so curious! :)


inspired by all the creative spaces i see at this blog, i decided to join in! i love seeing other people's WIP's, so why not share my own.. :) i present to you, this weeks creative space:

 i've been sewing again! it's been so long i almost forgot the basics!!  
and here's my new yarn basket (which is actually a planter from ikea). the variegated yarns you see are new, they were my "payment" for the knitted birdie. both opal sock yarn, can't wait to try them! and ofcourse there's my sock, which is still growing stitch by stitch!
have a great saturday evening!


yesterday i finally finished the knitted birdie!
last week i sewed all the parts together but i still had to give this little fellow eyes and a beak... which is really important, cause the face really makes the character of the toy! i started with embroidered eyes, but that didn't really work, so i decided to go for buttons and felt.
and now he's finally finished.. and i think it's going to be hard to give him away!
he has the cutest dangly legs... :)
and a very friendly face. 
he was really easy to knit, too! i can recommend donna wilson's book to anyone who wants to knit toys. her toys are quirky and cute, but most of all a lot of fun to make. the patterns are well written and easy to follow. :) 

enjoy your easter monday, by the way!


another addition to the happy list i posted last week:
buttons! as you might have noticed; i LOVE buttons. not that i have many projects where i can use them, i mostly imagine them sewed on my future kid's clothes or on my first knitted cardigan. :) i found these on the fleamarket and i think this might be one of my best "button finds" ever! i especially love the blue ones...

swatch no. 13 was knitted last week. ajour again, and my favourite ajour swatch so far! compared to other ajour patterns, it's very easy to memorize (only 2 rows!) and i think it looks great.

swatch no.13: ajour #3
swatch no.14 is also a pretty good one, i only knitted 10 rows and i can't wait to show you when it's finished!