between all the cleaning and packing today i found some time for a quick snapshot of my clothes hangers... don't they look good together? i currently have 5 finished and in use, 3 W.I.P. and 23 more to go. :)

now back to what i was really doing; packing, cleaning, sorting and organising. most of my stuff is packed and ready to move, but my craft supplies were still unpacked (important things are to be packed last! ;) ) and horribly cluttered. so today i decided to sort everything out... gone with the mess!
so here's my decluttered, reorganised sewing box:

and this is (was) my stash of knitting needles: (most of them my moms; needless to say i never have to buy new ones)

now all neatly paired and sorted by size...

and put in plastic boxes; ready to go!

that's really the great thing about moving, having everything sorted and organised again... and rediscovering things you forgot you had!


all quiet on the blogging front... i know. but i've been so busy!
my boyfriend and i found the perfect appartment for us to live in, so all we are doing is painting, moving and painting some more... we're almost done painting, and when the decorating begins i want to sew cushion covers, storage cubes and other things (maybe a patchwork blanket) for our home... does anyone know some good tutorials or inspirational DIY websites, by the way? now i'm off to enjoy my paintfree evening... let the crocheting begin! (still working on clothes hangers, i'll need them soon enough!)