this week i (finally) finished my presents for the P.I.F. i took part in.
everyone received their package, so i can put it on my blog!

i made 4 pouches, from some curtain swatches i found on the fleamarket. (i followed Miss Stik's tutorial) and i finally found a use for the felt balls i made... zipper hangers!

look, i sewed my "made by severien" label in!

i also made crocheted bird hangers... i found the pattern here. i use one as a keychain, but they could be used as decoration too, maybe for the christmas tree.

and last but not least, square pincushions... my first real try at something patchwork-ish. :)

these are the packages they received. i also added some buttons and colored ribbon, and a self-designed card. (not on the picture)

i had a lot of fun making all this, but i found it rather hard to decide what to make, and if it would be "enough"! but they were all happy and surprised (so they said) so that's a mission accomplished!


today i'm celebrating my blog's first birthday!
(i spent most of the day behind my sewing machine... so there was no time for a decent 'blog birthday' picture.;) )

1 year, that is:
74 blogposts
19 464 views (wow!!)
1 give-away

in this year i blogged about:

7 finished knitting projects
1 big crochet project with 120 granny squares
15 finished sewing projects
10 books i have on my bookshelf
a lot of thrifting and treasure hunting

one year ago, i could have never guessed that i would have so many page views, comments and followers today! i'm always smiling when i read your encouraging and kind words... i met really nice people, received nice things by mail, went to markets i wouldn't have gone otherwise, and the most important of all: i was always inspired and motivated to keep creating! so what i'm really trying to say is... thank you!!


i have a confession to make: i caught the sock bug!

after knitting my first pair, i was so excited i bought sock yarn enough for 3 pairs. last week i started knitting my second pair of socks. again the basic pattern, self-striping yarn doesn't need complicated patterns. this one is going a lot faster, it's also a lot prettier (my knitting is more even and the heel looks better too)!

another confession: i LOVE buying sock yarn. i wanted to order just one skein of basic grey sock yarn and ended up buying all of these... oops!

that's right: no cold feet for me this winter!


i've been experimenting with embroidery and cross stitch... some sneak peeks:

very relaxing.

so what exactly is this then? i'm trying to create stuff i would want to buy and have myself. little things, bigger things. being my own client is harder than i imagined, so is the creating process. it's taking me ages because i want it to be what i imagine it to be. it's not easy... but i'm getting there. at last! :)


my head is bursting with ideas... unfortunately that's also where they usually look better. a lot better. it's a lot of trial and error. so i spelled the keyword out on my working space:
(i think the originel set of these bowls said "party". which means i'm missing two letters.. but i do like my set better!)


ta-daaaaah! i finished my wabi-sabi scarf!
i love how my mittens match! :)
(the colors look better on the pictures in my previous blogpost)

ps: it's been a bit quiet here, i know. that's because i'm trying to find a job as a graphic designer. anyone? ;)