well... they're finally finished! 
and i LOVE them.
i call them my "hippie socks"!
 i made these with 13 different leftover yarns. i grabbed the yarn from a bag to make them look as "random" as possible... i did make sure all the different colours were divided equally!
  this is definitely my most colourful pair yet... and now i feel like knitting socks only until i have enough scraps for another pair! i'm in the "monstersocks"-group on ravelry and i have my eye on some great sock patterns already... (don't you love planning out new projects, even if it's just in your head and you know you can't actually start because you have a ton of other projects to finish first?)


here i am again with an "old" project!
i made these wristwarmers last september or october, i think. i remember that it was getting chillier in the mornings, but not yet cold enough for wearing gloves. so i made these cute wristwarmers on my daily trainrides to work. you can find the pattern here!

i also wear these alot at home. my hands can get really cold when i'm working on the computer, so i always have these lying around somewhere close to the computer. ;) my boyfriend thinks i look like a beggar wearing these but i like them anyway. they keep my hands warm AND they have a bow, so what's not to like?