did you hear of the innocent smoothies knitting campaign yet? the concept is simple: you knit or crochet tiny hats, they put them on their bottles and sell them. for each bottle sold with hat 30 eurocents goes to charity! i thought it would be fun to participate so i knitted and crocheted some hats. it's quite addictive and fun trying something different for each hat. :) here's what i made so far:and a new one, started when i should have been working in the garden...
anyone who feels like joining me? :)

(PS: i had to repost this blogpost because i had some layout problems... - and i accidentally deleted my post - so the comments are lost. feel free to comment again!)


after all those granny squares, i couldn't resist crocheting some hexagons...

i love how they look and feel; going for a solid colored hexagon was a good idea! and the boyfriend likes it too (he's not a big fan of my granny square-blanket-to-be)!

i also finished the knitting project that included the intarsia knitting technique. it came out really well but i can't show it yet... so here's a sneak preview!! feel free to guess. :)


thursday night was the first get-together of our crafty club (still without a name, we're working on that). i taught 3 lovely ladies how to crochet a granny square. the end result should be a granny square pillow or granny square scarf. they did really well and it was lots of fun to teach them! (and quite hilarious at times too)
here are some snapshots of my students in action:

and yesterday i had a day off from work, and a friend came over. we did a baguette-and-cheese picknick in the park (lovely weather! finally!) and she brought her granny squares so i could show her how to join them. so that's what we did!
so you can see... the granny square virus has spread! and looking for more victims. ;)