my zpagetti project is not quite finished yet, but i couldn't wait to show you!
the proportions are a bit off right now since it's not finished yet. but i think it's looking good!
i filled it with my new yarn i bought at a yarn wholesale last week(a gigantic hall stuffed with all kinds of yarn, so much you couldn't even decide what to look at first! i was in heaven!).

what you see is my new batch of yarn for a blanket... acrylic, but really soft yarn in 6 pastel colours: a pink-ish red, off-white, a very light purple, yellow, pistachio green and light blue. i already decided all this yarn should become a hexagon blanket (i have something like this one in mind, but in pastel colours... although i love her bold colour combinations! great blog btw, that woman is a crocheting miracle, especially her blankets are amazing)
i'm not starting the blanket just yet (want to finish my granny square blanket first) but i couldn't resist trying out some hexagons... i think i'm going for this one:

it's really nice to crochet these, after crocheting more than 240 granny squares... :)


did you hear of zpagetti yet? it's yarn made from textile leftovers, very strong, ecologic and durable. you have to work it with reaaaaally big needles. and you need some muscles, too!
i'm sticking to something i know, though. new yarn, but no new patterns for me! this project starts with a simple granny square... it's going really fast! (fat yarn + big hook = fast crocheting) and i hope i can show you the results in a couple of days. :)

when my arms get tired of working with the zpagetti, i usually switch to my granny square blanket. and every time, i just can't believe how tiny those squares are!

oh and some fun news: on september 1st some colleagues, friends and me are starting a crafty “club”. most of them are new to crocheting, knitting and sewing, and in our first get-together, i'm gonna teach them how to crochet a granny square pillow. can't wait for school to begin! ;)


lets show you my works in progress today!
a new knitting project including some intarsia knitting, which wasn't half as difficult as i expected:

double knitting, which is going rather slowly due to all the counting:

and my cute flowers, to stay in the red and white colour theme:
have a nice sunday!!