guess what, i've been sewing again! and i'm actually working with a real pattern this time! which is quite exceptional for me, i usually draw the pattern parts on the fabric (i'm lazy like that)... but i wanted to do it properly this time, and look! a pattern! cut out properly! pinned on the fabric!
can anyone guess what i'm making? ;) a small tip: half the country has been making and wearing these! i'm loving the result so far, i'm so in love with the minty green fabric... 

don't forget about the GIVE-AWAY, by the way! and enjoy halloween, if you're celebrating!


yesterday was my third blogiversary
 and i decided to celebrate this joyous occasion with a GIVE-AWAY!!! 
i thought it would be nice to give away three yarny gifts... so you can make a lovely pair of socks, handwarmers, maybe even a cowl or something... anything you fancy!
 the first gift contains 4 balls (50gr) of 100% alpaca yarn: Alpaka by Schachenmayr Nomotta. i used this yarn for the boyfriend scarf ! Also in this gift is a pair of the neon-beige handwarmers i made and a bunch of cute brown buttons.
gift number two contains one ball of Opal Grafitti sock yarn (100gr, 75% superwash wool and 25% polyamid), to make a nice pair of socks with, or, if you don't like socks, a colourful cowl/neckwarmer or a pair of gloves maybe... you decide! also in this gift: a lot of cute brown buttons.
and last, but not least, gift number three. this gift contains two balls of Alpaka Fashion (again by Schachenmayr Nomotta) in a pretty blue colour, kinda jeans-like. and again: buttons!

now what do you have to do to win this give-away? it's easy! 
become a follower of my blog (if you aren't already) and leave a comment.
if you prefer a particular gift, let me know!
if you want an extra chance to win, you can make a blogpost about my give-away or my blog in general! make sure to leave an extra comment for your blogpost. 

the give-away is open until 18 november! international readers can also enter, do note there is only one gift to win for international readers!

that's all! see you later!! :)


phew, these last weeks flew by without me even noticing it!

i managed to finish Himiko's socks - finally- and, i must admit, i had a hard time parting with them. :)  i only have a crappy late-night photo (before i packed them and sent them off). they were very well received, they fit her perfectly and she loves them, so i couldn't be happier.
and remember my post from last year?  they are collecting hats again for the innocent smoothies! i still have to sew the knitted hats together, but i made quite a few this week! 
besides that, i've also been unraveling one of my latest woolly finds. this is 100% pure wool, and i love the colour so much! it's a warm brown tint, with hints of orange and green in it... very pretty.
lots of things going on again, but that's the way i like it. what are you up to? :)