some weeks ago, i finished the yellow cowl/circle scarf i started in december.
i absolutely love the color and the stitch pattern, it brightens up every outfit. i made up the pattern myself (easy: i just crocheted a scarf and sewed it together) and i wish i made it a little less wide, so it would be longer. it is too short to wrap it around twice, which i had in mind...but i ran out of yarn (and i bought this skein a long, long time ago) and i also didn't feel like starting over. so i wear it like this! lesson learned for the next cowl or circle scarf i make!  
this weekend i started a new knitting project since my mom asked me to make a hat for my dad. the cold is almost over now, so i feel like i'm running a bit behind... but i plan on finishing it soon so he can still enjoy it while it's winter. pictures next time!


 here are the new years presents i made for my family... i started way too late, so everything was made or finished in a hurry, but i'm glad with the results! :)

for my sister and sister-in-law i made crochet hats. i found a free pattern on ravelry. they are ridiculously easy to make but they look great, i love the texture stitch!
my brother received an ipad-cover. i wish i had an ipad so i could make another! so much fun to make, with the quilted pieces! i followed this tutorial by one shabby chick, but skipped the fold-over flap because i had no velcro... it would have been better with the flap, though. i might give it an upgrade and add some snap buttons when i'm at my brothers, so the ipad doesn't slip out.
for my mom and dad i made a clothespin bag, like mine but with a different hanger and other fabric. i bought the fabric in the provence two years ago, and finally had enough courage to cut it up for a sewing project, cause i know my mom would love it. and she did. :) i was actually planning on knitting some socks for my dad, but i can't knit socks for his huge feet in a week or less... shhh, don't tell him. ;)


i know there have been loads of recap / new year-blogposts the last couple of days... here's mine. ;)
this was my creative year 2012...

phew, i was quite active last year. :) 
in 2012 i learned to appreciate sewing again (with the handbag for my mother-in-law, cushion covers, t-shirt embellishments and a skirt) and started quite some "bigger" projects like the swatch-a-week project (that has been traded in for the granny square crochet-a-long)... i participated in the summer swap organised by mina and gave a crochet workshop at the Maakdag.

i hope 2013 will be at least as good as 2012, both personally and craftwise. and i wish you all the very best for 2013, whatever your heart desires. :)