so after turning all those scraps into a magic ball, it was time to start thinking about a project. i first started a granny square blanket (the one where you crochet a huge square) because i liked the idea of hours of mindless crochet. but i didn't like the result. it was okay, but i didn't love it, you know?

so i did a lot of browsing and searching for magic ball projects on ravelry and now i think i found a way to make it work and turn it into something pretty! 
i knit a log cabin with the magic ball, which is basicly a square in garter stitch that is created by picking up stitches on the other side. (for a tutorial, check out this link)... and i think it looks quite nice! a bit messy and scrappy, maybe, but that's the look we're going for, right?
 now that i have quite a big square, i was wondering what to do next. i think these squares will look best on a neutral background, to tone down all these colors... probably grey, or black. i made a little sketch to see what works best, but it is so hard to judge. so i think, once i have enough squares, i will just try and see what looks best... but i think it will make a lovely scrap blanket either way!
 i'm already collecting scraps for my next magic ball, i'm almost finished with this one. :)
talking about scraps: i'm also saving my sock yarn scraps... too pretty to throw away and i reaaaaally want to knit a pair of mismatched socks someday. :)
what about you? do you keep your yarn scraps?


last year i started collecting all my yarn scraps (literally anything that is long enough to tie together, everything else is collected in a plastic bag and will be repurposed as toy stuffing)... 

i tied all scraps together using a russian join... (have you heard about a russian join? it's brilliant, every knitter or crocheter should know how to do this)
... and i ended up with this... probably the ugliest ball of yarn i've ever seen. 
and i LOOOVE it!!
(apparently this is what you call a "magic ball" because you never know which colour comes next)
and now i'm trying to figure out a way to turn this "pretty ugly" magic ball into a "ugly pretty" project! :)