this summer i discovered the following website/project: postcrossing.
sending and receiving old school mail, seemed like fun to me! so i registered and started sending... and receiving!

some postcards had such nice stamps on them... i just had to share!

florals from japan and hong kong.

birds from the phillippines.

beautiful "love" king and queen stamps from the USA. (these are actually two seperate stamps, which makes me love them even more!)


i have always preferred paperback and/or pocket books. lightweight, small, cheap, flexible, great to carry around all the time, plus you can read them hanging upside down in your sofa. so very practical for a student that travels between cities all the time.

but then i saw these:
i. want. them. all.
english classics, patterns, colours, clothbound... and prettyyyyyy.

also check out the designers website: coralie bickford smith; very inspiring! the "gothic horror" and "arabian nights" series are quite handsome as well.



finally, my place on the world wide web:


(now it's clickable!)