i'm already halfway trough my wabi-sabi scarf... and i think it's looking great!
it's looking a bit odd on the needles, that's because i couldn't find the correct length. :)

the fringe is created "as you go" (by wrapping the yarn around a piece of cardboard when turning the work), which is a great tip for people who love knitting but hate weaving in ends and finishing a fringe!


after visiting Handmade in Belgium some weeks ago, my boyfriend showed me the kringwinkel of hasselt! i found two quite large packs full of "smyrnalaine", which is the wool i recycle into little felt balls.
(i love the graphic-ness of this image!)
these are some felt balls i made with some leftover "smyrnalaine" my grandma gave me.
i really like those colors! (especially the yellow)
i'm not sure what to do with them yet, i just enjoy making them! :)
i also bought some fabric, letter-shaped bowls and three pocket books! all of it for only 5 euros! seriously... how great are thriftstores?!


my mittens are finished!!!
a perfect fit and a lot of fun to knit!

(hands up! - i surrender!)
they are very different... yet they make a cute pair. (my grandma was very worried about this; "isn't that weird, two different mittens? i mean, people might think you are mental.", she said, very seriously. i had to laugh so hard i almost choked on my coffee!)

and today i started the wabi-sabi-scarf that will go with it.

there's also a lot of sewing, crocheting, even some cross stitching going on... i'm still working on my PIF's and a give-away to celebrate my 101 followers, but my sewing machine decided to break (so did my laptop - all in one week, guess i have bad karma) so it will take even more time... sorry guys! i promise: it'll be good! :)


i've been knitting a lot lately... right now i'm working on mittens for my own teenie tiny hands and a scarf for my boyfriend. (gotta prepare for winter!)

my mittens in their current state:
i'm using Noro Kochoran yarn... and it's so gorgeous! i'm constantly producing "ooh's" and "aah's" when the colors change while i'm knitting. the yarn is also quite chunky which means it's a really fast knit too!

and this is the boyfriend scarf:

for this one i'm using 100% Alpaka wool, so it's really, really soft... i'm liking it so far, it's a beautiful stitch! i'm secretly hoping he won't like it. (and give it to me!)