hello again! it's been a while since i had the chance to update my blog, but the past weeks were incredibly busy... facing the jury, setting up the exhibition, making last-minute business cards, updating my website, ... but all went well! i graduated "magna cum laude" and i can now officially call myself a graphic designer, how weird is that. :)

when i wasn't doing things for school, i tried making all kinds of small balls...

these were crocheted with the new cotton yarn from my last post...

and i also tried to make felt balls with some wool i had laying around. it is very bulky yarn, 100% pure wool, called "smyrnalaine" and it is actually used to make carpets with. making these is so much fun!

i know exactly what to do with these tiny balls, but i'm not telling you just yet... my little secret!

now something else: what do you think about the "on my bookshelf" (and other more graphic design related) posts? should they stay or should they go? i was thinking about "where my blog is going" and at the moment it's a bit of everything... i don't know what i think of that. maybe i prefer "gelukkig in de jaren zestig" to be an "all craftyness blog".. i could start another blog which is only design related.. somehow that would make more sense to me. i added a little poll to see your opinion! please do vote!


friday, eline from pomme-pon and i went treasure hunting in one of the kringwinkels in Ghent. we found some really cool stuff, look what i bought:

a piece of (synthetic) fabric, a sheet and a pillowcase...


and cute tiroler and lace ribbon! (which i'm trying to bleach, it's still a bit too yellow for my taste)all of it for only 8 euros... :)

we also went to Veritas and these 4 were screaming "buy me!"... i know exactly what to do with them, it's gonna involve some crocheting and also some felt... can't wait to give it a try! i LOVE the minty green, my next blanket or crocheting project (i really want to make the Lucy bag) should definitely have minty green as one of the colours)


after going to sewing class yesterday, i really felt like sewing some more! i sewed together some usefull stuff for the sewing room, ain't that nice! sewing things to make sewing even more fun! (and organized)

i made an apple-pincushion from an old pyjama (my grandpa's, who passed away some years ago, so you can imagine i kinda felt guilty cutting it up at first, but then again, he never even wore it) and a pillow case from the kringwinkel.

(tip: i made the bottom heavier by putting a flat weight in it.)

with the scraps i quickly improvised a needle book, so no fabric waste! the ribbon was cut out of a sweater, i started saving those a while ago. i love making things out of bits and pieces like this... rather than making everything out of 100% new stuff!

(ps: my entrelac-knitting is improving, i asked for advice at the Ravelry-forum and they really helped me out! my granny square blanket is growing too! check out the granny square counter, i added a new picture!)


today, i finished a big part of my masterproject ("all work no play" was the motto of the past few weeks)... the hardest and biggest part is done! (it still feels unreal, two more weeks 'till i have to defend my work for the jury, three more weeks 'till the graduation exhibition and four more weeks 'till i graduate... eek!)

so, i decided it was finally time for some play... :)
i picked up my needles and some leftover yarn and i tried to teach myself to knit "entrelac", which is a beautiful knitting technique that makes your knitting look like it's woven, it looks really gorgeous. here's an example:

i followed the instructions in one of my knitting books and the first three triangles went really well, but somewhere along the way, i totally got it wrong and ended up with this kind of artsy-looking , but ugly thing:

is there anyone who can help me out here? it's obvious that i'm doing something wrong, but i can't figure out what. hmmmm.

by the way: am i the only knitter/crocheter who loves buying yarn? i have more yarn than i have time to knit! i currently have yarn in stock for one pair of socks, for six scarves (!!) and besides that a whole stash of leftovers and yarn i bought at sales (only 2 or 3 balls of which i have no idea what to do with)...