all you knit is love!
two years ago, i knitted this scarf for my boyfriend. we went to pick out "masculin" blue wool and i knitted it in seedstitch, which is very pretty and easy. knit, purl, knit, repeat this till end, same on the other side. unfortunately i decided to "knit up" all the wool (because it was expensive) which resulted into a really long scarf. he decided it was too long for him to wear, and it turned he didn't like the stitch too much. (he's rather picky about clothes, accesories and shoes) so i ended up wearing it!

anyways, knitting eases my mind and calmes my nerves, so i started yet another knitting project...... i like working on different projects at the same time, so i can change and it never gets boring.

but this one has been a pain in the ass so far! i'll explain why someday. ;)

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