i'm back from la douce france! let me share some of my souvenirs with you!

in Aix-en-Provence there was a cute fabric store just around the corner... they had such pretty fabrics! i decided to buy some, but only if they were "provence-ish" and affordable.

there was also a big bookshop in Aix. we went in to buy a map of Marseille, but ofcourse i ended up buying books. i never saw so many good hobby books in one shop, i had the hardest time picking just one. :) to my own surprise, this point de croix ( cross stitching) book caught my special attention...

i've also got some other souvenirs: a tan and a sunburned belly, new sandals, authentic marseille soap and 34 crocheted granny squares... and while i was in france, my order from Wolhalla arrived at home. they are selling Noro yarn for only half the price and i ordered three skeins, one for a pair of mittens and two for a scarf called "wabi-sabi". this yarn is sooooo pretty! the colours are stunning and it is incredibly soft...totally worth its money! i can't wait to start (after i finish my socks!), i do hope i get them ready before winter.

conclusion: the provence is great, holidays always end too soon and i should really start using all my yarn and fabrics. (a sewing project is in the making, though!)

(PS: still nobody who wants to P.I.F.???)


who wants to... P.I.F. ?!
i'm looking for 3 persons who want to "pay it forward".... for those of you not familiar with the principle: i get a small present from Poes P and i make a small present for 3 other crafty people, who have to make a small present for 3 other people, who have to... you get it, right? the first 3 people who answer to this post (and agree to pay it forward too) will receive something handmade from me! :)

other than that... (besides working) i've been crafting my ass off! my head is bursting with ideas, i'm constantly fighting against the urge to start yet another project... a bit annoying, really. i'm currently working on 2 knitting projects, 3 crocheting projects, 1 felting project and 1 sewing project... no wonder nothing ever gets finished. my solution (untill i can change myself and start finishing things before starting new projects) for it is to give each project its own time and place. i leave one crochet project at the time at my boyfriends place, so i can only work on it when i'm there. (not constantly, ofcourse). i'm also taking my granny's with me on the train to work, so that's done there. my knitting projects are mostly done in front of tv, and sewing and felting is for when i really, really feel like doing that.

am i the only one who has so many projects running that never seem to get finished?
if so, how do you deal with that? sometimes i wish i was interested in sewing, crocheting or knitting only!

PS: i'm off to france next saturday for some well deserved holidays... see you guys in two weeks! ;)


some time ago i asked my aunt (who runs a paint/curtain/wallpaper-shop together with my uncle) to save some curtain swatches for me.
well... this is what she got me:
that's a lot of fabric! lots of little pieces too (good for patchwork), and quite some fabric i won't use (too synthetic or plain ugly) but also some beautiful prints and colors! (the black tree/bird-print is my absolute favorite, so pretty!)... a "thank you" present is in the making!

also: my sock is growing! it's far from perfect, but i'm very happy with it so far!


since most of you thought that the "on my bookshelf" category should stay, here's a post about my latest finds:

i found these in de Slegte... they are Penguin music books from the 1950's...
oh so pretty!!! they reminded me of my "insel-b├╝cherei"-books!


found two weeks ago on the fleamarket in turnhout:
8 gorgeous pieces of fabrics, probably old curtain swatches... all with flower and birds prints in different colours!

this one is my favorite! i already know it's going to be very hard to decide what to do with them... any suggestions?

i wouldn't be me if i wasn't constantly looking for buttons... we came across this nice lady who sold vintage button cards, in different colors and sized. and quite cheap too!

i also started (yet another) knitting project... i've been wanting to learn how to knit "in the round" for some time now, and look... a sock is being born! i'm quite happy with it... and i still got all my eyes! ;)