one thing i love about being a knitter/crocheter/crafter is that you can make original, hand-made gifts for any occasion. it always amazes me how glad friends and relatives are when receiving a hand-made gift, even if it is something as small as a pair of knit baby booties. and, since i have no babies or children myself, i find a lot of joy in knitting baby things. ;)

for our friends (who had their first baby a week ago), i made a toy! you've seen it before, only not in the finished state. (not a sweater... sorry to dissapoint! ;)) it's a huuuuge green-blue, sleepy and cuddly toy with the longest legs ever. he (or she) is almost twice as long as the newborn itsself!
they loved it and i hope their sweet baby will love it as well! this is the second donna wilson pattern i used and it's perfect, i really like her designs because they are cute and different. i love the quirky details like the extra short arms (versus the extremely long legs) and the little plush on his bottom. :)

i also made a pair of booties for another baby that we went to visit last weekend. i matched the colors with the birthcard; neon pink and white. i adore this color combination, i wish i could pull this off. ;) 

now i'm off to my christmas gifts, enjoying the process of making and drinking a nice cup of tea... couldn't think of a better way to spend my sunday evening! :)


 i'm glad to announce the winners of my blogiversary give-away today! 
 here they are!
so, Sylvie, Ja-Ni-Na and Heidi, please email your address to me (siene_AThotmailDOTcom) and i will post your gifts this weekend! and a big thank you to everyone for entering the give-away! better luck next time! :)


this weekend i finished the gift i was making...
still not telling you what it is though! ;) i'll show it soon!


so most of you guessed right! i was indeed making a skirt, the famous A-line by mme zsa zsa!
and look! after quite some messing around with pattern paper and a fight with an invisible zipper...
a skirt!
  this is actually just a test-version of a skirt i want to make with a pretty bright blue flowery fabric my mother in law gave me.. :) but it turned out good enough for wearing!
i also made it with a lining because the fabric i used was rather thin, and the skirt i have in mind also requires a lining...
i already have two or three other skirts in mind with fabric i already have...
hmmm... this skirt thing might become addictive!