some weeks ago, i finished the yellow cowl/circle scarf i started in december.
i absolutely love the color and the stitch pattern, it brightens up every outfit. i made up the pattern myself (easy: i just crocheted a scarf and sewed it together) and i wish i made it a little less wide, so it would be longer. it is too short to wrap it around twice, which i had in mind...but i ran out of yarn (and i bought this skein a long, long time ago) and i also didn't feel like starting over. so i wear it like this! lesson learned for the next cowl or circle scarf i make!  
this weekend i started a new knitting project since my mom asked me to make a hat for my dad. the cold is almost over now, so i feel like i'm running a bit behind... but i plan on finishing it soon so he can still enjoy it while it's winter. pictures next time!


  1. Wat een mooie kleur! Ook een mooi haakpatroon. :)
    Je kunt hem natuurlijk altijd met een broche wat naar omhoog steken, zo is hij ook lekker warm aan de voorkant.

  2. Prachtig, zo'n fris maar niet knallend geel!

  3. How beautiful. I agree that it would brighten up any outfit. And it looks particularly lovely against the blue cardigan!

  4. Heel mooi! heb je dat kussentje op de laatste stoel ook zelf gemaakt?


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