here are the new years presents i made for my family... i started way too late, so everything was made or finished in a hurry, but i'm glad with the results! :)

for my sister and sister-in-law i made crochet hats. i found a free pattern on ravelry. they are ridiculously easy to make but they look great, i love the texture stitch!
my brother received an ipad-cover. i wish i had an ipad so i could make another! so much fun to make, with the quilted pieces! i followed this tutorial by one shabby chick, but skipped the fold-over flap because i had no velcro... it would have been better with the flap, though. i might give it an upgrade and add some snap buttons when i'm at my brothers, so the ipad doesn't slip out.
for my mom and dad i made a clothespin bag, like mine but with a different hanger and other fabric. i bought the fabric in the provence two years ago, and finally had enough courage to cut it up for a sewing project, cause i know my mom would love it. and she did. :) i was actually planning on knitting some socks for my dad, but i can't knit socks for his huge feet in a week or less... shhh, don't tell him. ;)


  1. Wat een leuke steek van de mutsen! Ook een leuke iPadhoes. :)
    Als laatste... die stof.. Zo mooi!! Ik zou er ook niet direct de schaar in durven zetten. Maar je hebt er iets heel moois van gemaakt.

  2. Heel schoon allemaal. Ik ben zwaar fan van de mutsen!


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