i know there have been loads of recap / new year-blogposts the last couple of days... here's mine. ;)
this was my creative year 2012...

phew, i was quite active last year. :) 
in 2012 i learned to appreciate sewing again (with the handbag for my mother-in-law, cushion covers, t-shirt embellishments and a skirt) and started quite some "bigger" projects like the swatch-a-week project (that has been traded in for the granny square crochet-a-long)... i participated in the summer swap organised by mina and gave a crochet workshop at the Maakdag.

i hope 2013 will be at least as good as 2012, both personally and craftwise. and i wish you all the very best for 2013, whatever your heart desires. :)


  1. What a good craft year you had! I love your granny square blanket. I think about it often when I look at my drab bedspread- maybe one day I'll make one. Hope this coming year is just as fruitful for you.

  2. Een supercreatief, liefdevol, leuk en gezond 2013 gewenst!

  3. Ik ben een beetje laat, maar het jaar is nog maar net begonnen he. Maak er een geweldig creatief 2013 van! Je hebt prachtige spullen gemaakt de afgelopen maanden! Leuk om ze zo allemaal samen te zien :-)


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