the leaves are falling, autumn's here... and i don't mind a single bit. :) it gives me an excuse to curl up in the sofa with a hot cup of tea, some apple cake and a knitting project. 
i'm currently working on two knitting projects:
-i'm finishing the socks i'm making for Himiko... don't you think the colours are the perfect autumn colours?
 -i'm also knitting a gift for a friend. i am loving the cables in this project!
it's been quiet on the blog, i know. but now i finally have some more time for being crafty, now that the weather is changing, we tend to stay at home more. i also had a lot of extra work-related projects going on in the last couple of weeks, but most of it is finished now... so more free time for me! hurray! :)


  1. Oh ik ken het gevoel ;-) Ik vind dat ook zo gezellig de herfst, lekker crea zijn :-) En hier is het vanaf oktober ook wat kalmer op werkgebied, dus lekker thuis blijven in't weekend en knutselen :-) Ik ben benieuwd naar het resultaat :-)

  2. Kabels! Inderdaad mooimooimooi! Mooie kleurtjes ook!

  3. Oh dat is mooi, die kabel, vooral die achtergrondsteek. Ik ben benieuwd wat het wordt!


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