i've got some great news to share with you today! some time ago, mamasha asked me if i would be interested in giving a workshop at the Maakdag Ristretto. Maakdag is a brand new event, with loads of workshops about crafts, food, beauty, even photography! i was verrrry flattered and of course i said yes! 
 i'm gonna give a crochet workshop for beginners. in 3 hours we're gonna make easy and quick wristwarmers! i made up a very simple pattern, that teaches the basic crochet stitches. i crocheted three pairs already (and a 4th on the way), with small variations that show the versatility of the design! 

here's the first pair!

so, if you're interested in following my workshop or another, go to www.maakdag.be and register! :)


  1. Wat een eer! :-) Amuseer je he! (met de voorbereidingen en de dag zelf ;-) )

  2. Wat leuk!! Moest ik niet al een haakster zijn, ik zou zeker les komen volgen bij jou. Veel plezier!


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