phew, these last weeks flew by without me even noticing it!

i managed to finish Himiko's socks - finally- and, i must admit, i had a hard time parting with them. :)  i only have a crappy late-night photo (before i packed them and sent them off). they were very well received, they fit her perfectly and she loves them, so i couldn't be happier.
and remember my post from last year?  they are collecting hats again for the innocent smoothies! i still have to sew the knitted hats together, but i made quite a few this week! 
besides that, i've also been unraveling one of my latest woolly finds. this is 100% pure wool, and i love the colour so much! it's a warm brown tint, with hints of orange and green in it... very pretty.
lots of things going on again, but that's the way i like it. what are you up to? :)


  1. Zoveel leuke projecten die aan de gang zijn. :)
    Dat bruin ziet er zo'n mooi kleur uit! Ik ben benieuwd wat je ermee gaat doen.

  2. I'm not DOING much, but lots of TO DO going on :)
    I did do some unraveling and started a new project - which reminds me to urgently take pictures of the finished ones.

  3. Leuk die mutsjes! Kijk ik elk jaar weer naar uit :-)

  4. Nog steeds het debardeurke aan het afwerken dat eerst voor Nils was en nu voor Thor. Hmmmm.
    <3 de minimutsjes!


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