this weekend i've been working on my granny square sampler. i haven't blogged about it for a while, but i'm currently crocheting some of the squares together and i think it's looking great so far. i love how all the squares look so different, but they work so well together. i did eliminate some of the squares i really didn't like, or that stood out too much between the other squares. all squares should be equal, right? ;) 
here are all the squares pinned down on my ironing board, ready for some blocking... 
 and here i am crocheting them together into bigger squares, wearing my comfy sunday pants. ;)
ooh, this blanket will turn out totally different from my granny square blanket, which had a color scheme and a pattern... this blanket is the complete opposite: going crazy with colors and compositions... i'm having so much fun!!


  1. Het ziet er zo'n ander en interessant deken uit! Het is leuk dat je nu aan iets hélémaal anders bezig bent dan je vorig deken. Ik ben heel benieuwd naar het resultaat! :)

  2. Leuk! En die 'crazy with colors and compositions' vind ik net leuk ;-)

  3. Yah! Fabulous! I've wanted to do a crazy anarchic granny blanket for ages too. Yours is looking wonderful already. Have fun :) Kx

  4. Oh dat lijkt me heel leuk, al die verschillende granny's. Ik was ook op zoek naar een mooie granny waar ik helemaal tevreden over ben. En ik denk dat ik 'm heb gevonden!
    En seg! Wat zie ik nu op de website van de 'maakdag'? Jij bent gewoon workshopbegeleidster daar. Geweldig!


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