just before we left on vacation, i received a beautiful package coming from claudia. i participated in the handmade summer gift swap organized by mina, and although i knew something nice was coming my way, it was still a very nice surprise! and i'm very glad to say my package is finally finished and sent off to my buddy!

the package was beautifully stamped with a paper boat print, i think the box itsself is too pretty to throw away, i think i might keep it to store some crafty bits and pieces. inside were some nautical-themed handcarved stamps, a pretty blue doily, some lavender and some cards. 
the blue doily matches our blue living room walls perfectly (remember my chinese money plant being just a baby? look how much it has grown!) and the stamps, oooh i LOVE the stamps. i've got a pen-pal who will definitely appreciate my letters being embellished with these from now on. :)

so thank you, claudia, for making me this great gift, and thank you, dear mina, for organising the swap! :)


  1. what a sweet gift! that doily looks extra lovely with your little houseplant!

  2. I looove these. I would probably stamp that anchor and boat everywhere possible. Thank you for taking part and sharing your gift!
    And oh, thank you for the awesome email, you'll hear from me soon! ♥

  3. This is the most beautiful gift! I love all of the gorgeous things Claudia has put in there for you - you lucky thing! :) Lovely idea. Kx

  4. What a lovely gift!

  5. I'm so happy it did not get lost :)
    Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad that you like it!

  6. i love the way claudia puts
    things together,
    this marine
    theme, blue doily and your plant. i
    kept the box from the `nature letter`
    she sent me, was too nice


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