one thing i love about france, is that they have great bookshops. i always look for craft books in france! i found several good knitting books in a small store in chambéry, and loads of great patterns in the phildar store, too bad they are in french! but cross stitch patterns are pretty universal, and there are somehow more good cross stitch books in france, so i usually end up buying those. :) i found two great books, one about cross stitch samplers and one with fancy alphabets. i love anything typographic so i just had to buy these.
when we came back home, i immediately looked for my cross stitch work that was hidden in my unfinished-objects-drawer, so now i'm cross-stitching again! :) i forgot how much i liked cross-stitching, i think it's been a year since i last touched this project. 
when this one is finished and framed, i might start a new cross-stitch project, i'm thinking about a poster-sized cross-stitch work featuring a quote, to fill that empty frame in our living room. i want to try and design it myself using the books as inspiration. but first things first, i've got a lot of projects going on again (bad habits...) and i might want to try and finish some UFO's before making more... ;)

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  1. Oh, ik vind dat borduurwerkje nu al zo mooi. Al vanaf de eerste keer dat ik het zag de vorige keer. En dat met chocoladecake? Dat moet de hemel zijn!


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