home again! we just returned from our last-minute holiday. we were actually not planning on going away this year, but two weeks ago we suddenly decided to go camping in france for a week. it went by really fast and i miss it already...

we found a nice campsite at a lake, the view from our tent was magnificent...
and in the evenings my boyfriend went fishing at the lake, so i took out my knitting and crocheting work... a lot. :)  
i managed to make quite some progress on the hexagon blanket, which is my new "on-the-road" project for train and car rides... and i took some socks with me... i promise there will be a big update on many of the projects i'm working on, but first i've got a lot of unpacking to do. 
although i'd rather sit "au bord du lac" and knit some more... :)


  1. Ik hoop binnenkort nog eens over de grens te geraken, al zal het minder ver en als megatoerist zijn (Parijs). Die camping ziet er super uit!

    1. ooh, parijs is echt zo prachtig, daar zijn we enkele jaren geleden nog geweest. het is nu ons vierde reis naar frankrijk geweest en altijd is het even mooi en leuk. wij zijn verkocht! :)

  2. What a beautiful campsite! Good for you for squeezing in a vacation spontaneously!

  3. Oh, daar zou ik ook wel een beetje willen zitten breien en haken!

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blanket, so glad you like it :)

    Love the view from your tent, what a great thing to look at while you crochet!

    Sandra x


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