oooh dear, i'm afraid this is yet again a blogpost about knitting socks! in case you hadn't noticed, i'm really into knitting socks lately. ;) but i promise there will be some new stuff around here soon! i'm working on some other projects, including the summer swap mina has organised, and i'm even busy writing out a pattern for something i made! :)

i'm also still working on the edging of my granny square blanket (which is taking forever because i like to crochet it while i'm watching tv, unfortunately i haven't been watching tv a lot lately... tv really sucks in summer) and i'm still up to date with the granny square sampler afghan crochet-a-long, of which i'll show the progress soon. :) so there's lots of good stuff coming up!

and for now... socks. again! yay! i must say these pictures are taken some days ago and i am now near to finishing them both. :)
 here's the koigu sock i'm knitting for himiko... just look at those colours! so pretty!
and here's the broken rib-sock i'm knitting for myself. i'm finally starting to like this sock! :)

AND i got myself two skeins of madelinetosh merino light. quite expensive but so gorgeous. the colours i chose are called "well water" and "antique lace" and i swear they could not have picked out better names. i'm planning on knitting a striped triangle shawl with these! if i can figure out the pattern, that is. :) 


  1. Oh la la Severien, die kousen zien er machtig uit! Allebei de paren trouwens... :)

    En de Madeline Tosh in kleur 'Well Water' is één van mijn favoriete kleuren. Ik ben benieuwd wat dat zal worden...

  2. Just gorgeous Severien! I was in my local yarn shop the other day and saw some sock yarn... I didn't realise how soft and divine it is! I have no questions about why you keep making socks - it must be wonderful working with that wool :) Kx


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