thursday already and here i am again with my creative space... :) i seem to be lacking time to take decent photos of my knit and crochetwork... but they'll come, i promise. i finished some projects here and there and started some new ones. that's always the most exciting part, you know that. :)
so what do we have today... a lovely package that sweet himiko sent me! she sent me an e-mail some days ago, asking me if i could knit her a pair of socks because she didn't see that happening soon with the crafty projects she has going on. i agreed and today a beautiful package arrived, a handmade basket with a scented bag and two balls of the most gorgeous yarn i've seen in my life. i couldn't think of a better way to start my day! (i'm hereby ignoring the grumpy mailman who delivered the package)
the yarn is koigu painter's palette premium merino (kpppm) and the colours are the best!! lots of grey shades with some dashes of bright green, rusty orange, turqoise... the yarn feels really soft (ofcourse, it's merino) and it knits up beautifully. such a pleasure to knit with!!
 i've also started a new pair of socks for myself...  i'm knitting the sock pattern i wanted to try with my previous pair of socks, with opal "show your colours" yarn this time. (the colourways are based on moods and emotions, i unknowingly picked out "security and serenity", which kind of suits me)
i really like how i'm developing a certain sock yarn taste by the way. :) i'm not too sure about this yarn yet, i like the feel but the short colour repeats aren't doing much for me yet... but i might change my mind when i knitted some more. :)

oh and, ofcourse: more creative spaces here!


  1. That is a most beautiful yarn! Both of them are actually. How clever you are to make socks. I've been avoiding it because it looks so difficult - I do have a crochet pattern for socks, so I must look for it :) Good luck with your knitting - it's looking fabulous. Kx

  2. i agree--that yarn's gorgeous, can't wait to see it transform !

  3. Oh, dat garen! Dat ziet er heel mooi uit, allebei. Ik hou van garen met van die kleurafwisselingen.
    Ik begrijp wat je bedoelt bij de laatste foto. Hoe ziet het er rechtsaverechts uit? Zo vind ik het anders ook wel mooi, heel apart. Jij gaat er voor met de sokken! Geweldig!


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