hello again! today i want to share my latest swatches! i've been neglecting those lately, so i had some catching up to do. that's why there are 4! this week is week 24, so i still have to knit 2 more this week. 
totally doable, right?
 swatch no.19: ribs #4
 swatch no.19 was a nice one, i believe this one was called a piqué rib.
  swatch no.20: knit/purl #5
oooh, this one was really simple. k2,p2, over and over again. it's kind of a flat, purled rib. i like it!
 swatch no.21: structure/color #4
swatch no.21 was interesting! the swatch really has some texture in it, again quite masculine but a bit more challenging! it's quite "tight" though, it really makes a dense swatch.
 swatch no.22: ajour #4
ahh, my favorite one from this week! ajour and me haven't been getting a long so well, but this one i loved. only two different rows to memorize and great results! both sides are really nice!

because i am still planning on putting them together at the end of this year, i thought it would be fun to see how it looked like already. in two weeks we're already halfway 2012, isn't it scary how time flies? anyways... ta-ta-da-daaaah!!
 the swatches are really different in size, i try to make them the same but it's difficult! if i want to make them into a blanket, i might have to re-knit some of the smaller ones to make it fit...because i think i will like the result better if they are neatly aligned... although that would give me more work. or, i might select the squares that are about the same size and make some different pillow covers...  
any suggestions on what to do with them once i finish them all? make a laptop case with the prettiest? orrrrr maybe a sewing machine cozy? a half sewn, half knitted tote bag?

oh yeah, i also had a weak moment and i decided to join a crochet-a-long... it has something to do with granny squares. and it's going to be retro. more about that next time!!

EDIT: i forgot to say thanks for all the lovely comments on the tatanne bag!!! you guys really made my day! i gave it to my mother in law last weekend and she loved it! she said the colors were perfect for her and that she couldn't wait to show it off at work. :)


  1. Wat zien ze er prachtig uit zo samen!

  2. Thanks for popping by and leaving a lovely comment :) I agree, Himiko is such a sweetie!

    Love your swatches, the colours are looking so gorgeous - very inspiring!

    S x

  3. Ik zou een paar rijtjes eraan haken bij de te kleine - herbreien zou ik zelf niet zien zitten ;-) (lui)

    Ik denk dat ik zelf voor een tas uit stof + gebreide lapjes zou gaan! Voor een dekentje zou je er waarschijnlijk minstens dubbel zoveel moeten maken, zeker? En 52 is al zo veel...

  4. Zoveel swatches al!
    Een deken lijkt mij leuk! Maar ook een leuk tafelkleed. :) Of een mooi tapijt!
    Ik maak het je natuurlijk niet makkelijk zo, want ik stel alleen maar grote dingen voor.

  5. Oooh wat mooi, dat wordt echt een zalige deken. Mooie kleuren en echt mooie steken zitten er tussen. Goed bezig Severien!

  6. Oh wat zitten er weer prachtige lapjes tussen! nr. 19 is echt heel erg mooi. Kun je sommige lapjes niet nog wat uitrekken zodat ze ongeveer de juiste grootte hebben?
    Ik ben zwaar fan van combinaties tussen gebreide en genaaid. Ik ben nu ook met enkele combinatieprojecten bezig. Ik zou er in ieder geval iets van maken waarvan je nog jaren kan genieten. Ze zijn echt mooi!

  7. I really love all of these - the colours are perfect and I love all of the different textures. I definitely think you should make a blanket out of them.

  8. Oh I love it! I think a blanket would be so beautiful... but maybe you don't want to have to make so many? ;) Whatever you make it will look wonderful :) Kx


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