my creative space this week... crocheting the granny square sampler afghan by blair from wise craft. it is actually a crochet-a-long, blair sets up crochet assignments for every week and all you have to do is follow her instructions and crochet some new squares. by the end of the summer, the afghan should be finished. short-term goals.. i like that.
i'm using my stash yarn for this one, mostly cheap acrylics... i didn't think about the color combinations at all, i had all of this lying around and together they happen to make a kind of retro color palette.. which i LOVE, because the design for the afghan feels quite retro as well.
these squares are week 1 to 4 of the crochet-a-long. love love love.

i'm also knitting the heelflap for my second sock... oooh this is going to be a pretty pair of socks... too bad i still don't like the yarn!
i also have to share my newest friend in the kitchen! my cute bialetti moka express! it's a gift from my mother in law. :) i haven't had a cup of homemade coffee that nice in a long time... yummm!
 other inspiring creative spaces here, by the way!!


  1. I love the yam of your socks! Looks like space colors :)

  2. The afghan will be so cute. My grandmother made them for us when we were little and they were always acrylic- I don't know what a natural fiber afghan would even feel like. We still bundle up under one to watch tv. Way to use up the stash! I have to start a bedspread this fall to replace the horrible one we're using and you're giving me all sorts of inspiration.

  3. They look great. Loving your little bialetti too! You seem to have a lovely relationship with your mother-in-law? I do too - it's nice, isn't it? :) Kx

  4. Ik vind de kleurencombinatie van je vierkantjes prachtig. Dat turquoise en dat oker doen het 'm!

    Mijn vriend en ik nemen onze bialetti zelfs mee op trektocht :). Zo handig en altijd lekkere koffie, ook op de bergtop.

  5. oh I do love your afghan, those colours are FAB!
    and such a pretty pair of socks in progress...I hope to be able to knit such a fine pair one day :)

  6. Ik moet dringend leren haken! Wat zien die lapjes er mooi uit en de kleurtjes passen heel goed bij elkaar.

  7. stunning photography and loving the granny squars!

    xo em

  8. I am doing the crochet along as well. It's so fun to see everyone's squares. Love the colors ♥ and how they are coming together in your sampler.


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