yesterday i finally finished the knitted birdie!
last week i sewed all the parts together but i still had to give this little fellow eyes and a beak... which is really important, cause the face really makes the character of the toy! i started with embroidered eyes, but that didn't really work, so i decided to go for buttons and felt.
and now he's finally finished.. and i think it's going to be hard to give him away!
he has the cutest dangly legs... :)
and a very friendly face. 
he was really easy to knit, too! i can recommend donna wilson's book to anyone who wants to knit toys. her toys are quirky and cute, but most of all a lot of fun to make. the patterns are well written and easy to follow. :) 

enjoy your easter monday, by the way!


  1. oooh en aaah wat is ie cute! Na mijn eerste schaapknuffel, begint het hier ook terug te kriebelen. Dat is zooo verslavend.

  2. hihi, dankjewel iedereen.

    Perzik: knuffels zijn inderdaad heel tof om te maken, verslavend ook. :)

  3. ooh, een soort kalimero, zo schattig!


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