oops! week 16 (almost) passed and i still have to show swatch 14 and 15! both swatches were lying around, waiting to be photographed... and then a friend visited. she brought us some pretty forget-me-not's, so i had the perfect set-up for some photos. :)

swatch 14 was a diagonal rib. it's a really masculin stitch i think, i'm not sure why. the diagonal ribbing comes out really well, this swatch was a joy to knit!

swatch no.14: ribs #3
 swatch 15 is called the checkerboard stitch... it's quite obvious why. :) it's a pretty stitch, but it looks a lot like seed or moss stitch. i think bigger blocks would look better!

swatch no.15: knit/purl #4

 i'm really loving the forget-me-not's... they brighten up the whole table! :)
when the light is better, i will show the finished sewing project... you've all been so curious! :)


  1. Zo een mooie swatches weer. Je doet mij zin krijgen om het zelf uit te proberen, al ben ik nog niet gevorderd genoeg met mijn gebrei. Haken zou geen probleem zijn.

    Ook zo'n mooi plantje, past perfect bij het breiwerk!

  2. Heel mooi! Vooral die paarse. Inderdaad een 'mannelijke' steek. En ik ben echt benieuwd naar je naaiproject :-D.

  3. I really love the colors you chose for those swatches. Can't wait to see what you'll do with them once they're all done!
    Forget-me-nots are so adorable, but as a child, we were told not to pluck them, because it would rain, if we did. Does that story exist in your country, too?

  4. Mina: thanks! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all my swatches, maybe a pillowcover or a blanket... :)
    I never heard the forget-me-not-story, but I love it. All those little stories make childhood so much more magical.


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