on the third day of the new year, i want to take out some time to look back at the previous year. it has gone by so fast!! when i was finally getting used to the working life, i moved out of my parents house... i'm happy i'm no longer a student, but how i miss all the free time and having nothing to worry about! :) 

i didn't fulfill all my new years resolutions-post of 2011 . i didn't finish the granny square blanket, didn't knit a hat or loads of socks, couldn't resist buying new yarn, and i somehow just stopped working on my label, because i was never pleased with the results. so! no resolutions for 2012, just a bunch of ideas in my head and a weekly project. i'll tell/show you soon!

here's my photo mosaic of projects i worked on in 2011, i thought it would be fun to make a yearly overview! i included some unfinished projects too, like my granny square blanket, the new hexagon blanket, a cross stitching work and the double knitting hotpad that i had to tear out. 

off to a new year! happy 2012 everybody!

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  1. Hier ook geen voornemens voor 2012, ik hou me er ook nooit aan. Ben benieuwd naar je wekelijkse project!
    Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!


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