one bed/couch-sock is finished! i didn't have enough of the green yarn, so i used dark blue for the toe. you need a little imagination since the sock isn't sewn together yet.
(the colors aren't great on these pictures, it was getting dark and i had to hurry to take a picture! but you get the idea...)
i started the second sock yesterday and i hope i can finish it before it's 2012, so it can go in my 2011-mosaic. (like i did last year) :)
it was also my 23th birthday last week, and as a gift for myself i ordered this handmade ring from fleurfatale. i also received a gift voucher for julija's shop (yaaaaayy!!), so i'm looking for a pretty scarf pattern so i can go and buy some yarn... tips, anyone? 
in the meantime... merry (late) christmas and a happy new year!! enjoy!

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  1. Oh, die ziet er echt zalig dik uit! :-) Nog een gelukkige verjaardag!!


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