wow, i can't believe it's sunday evening already! i had a really busy week, not a lot time left for knitting or crocheting... the only thing i did was knitting my swatch a week for week 4. i hope i will have a bit more free time next week! but here it is:
no.4: ribbing#1
this stitch (i believe it's called "the twisted rib") is very easy to remember and it gives an interesting effect; the rib is a normal 2-purl, 3-knit-rib, but with twisted stitches, which gives a cable-like effect! it also stays nice and flat, which i like!
 i put my four swatches together, and i must say, no.1 is still my favorite. :)

 my boyfriend and i went for a winter walk this afternoon, it was really cold but i had my Noro-mittens to keep my hands warm... ah, they are definitely one of my favorite knitted items ever, i love wearing them and they are so warm!!
which reminds me: this week i also read a funny blogpost, it made me giggle so much and i just had to share: mamatronic at my so-called handmade life wrote about knitting confessions; which made me feel a lot better about my knit- and yarn obsessions. :)


  1. Hey!
    Oh this pattern looks great...I have to try this as well :D.....i hope u will have more time next week...cus i love what u create with ur hands :).......and this lil knitting confession....It's just the truth!!!!....have a nice week

    van ;)

  2. Binnen enkele weken zou je eens een foto moeten maken van alle swatches samen. Ik denk dat het zo'n mooi beeld geeft. Toch knap dat je zelfs in je drukke week eventjes tijd maaktje voor je swatch!

  3. Oh, zo mooi! Een boordsteek met net dat ietsje meer! :-)

  4. Een heel mooi lapje! Ik leer hier altijd weer nieuwe steken bij.

  5. what a beautiful blog you have.
    i love the idea of a swatch a week.
    such a great way to learn the stitches.
    i might just add that to my list of tempting new projects.

  6. Beautiful swatches. They would look gorgeous all stitched together in a blanket!

  7. Your swatches look really awesome!

    you asked about One Day on my blog, I haven't gotten very far into yet, I'm taking it slow but I like it so far. I saw the movie first (something I rarely do!) and I loved it, so I figure the book must be just as good if not better!


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