happy new year!!
2010 was a very busy and creative year for me. i hope 2011 will be calmer... :) and longer! i already made my new years resolutions.

in 2011 i...
- want to get used to my new daily life
- am going to move out of my parents house (so you will probably see a lot of handmade things... cushions, blankets, embroidered handkerchiefs, christmas decorations etc. in a few months)
- want to finish some projects (the granny square blanket, it's taking me forever)
- have my label ready, perhaps already some items sold?
- want to finish creative projects more quickly
- want to try using up the yarn i already have lying around instead of buying new yarn
- want to try knitting a hat and knit a LOT of socks
- ...

what are your resolutions for 2011?

PS: my sisters cowl is almost finished... hopefully i can finish it today!

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  1. Jij ook een heel gelukkig en gezond en warm en creatief 2011!!!



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