hello hello! :)
just so you'd know: this blogpost you're about to read is longgggg overdue. i cannot understand why i haven't blogged about this finished project sooner, because it was one of my bigger WIP's and i was super thrilled to finally have it finished.

last year in march, Sandra from the Cherry Heart blog organised a crochet-a-long, a blanket-a-long to be precise. i joined in with my hexagon blanket, a project i started 5 years ago.

so here it finally is! i'm super proud of this blanket, i still love the colour combination so much. when i purchased the yarn i had no idea yet of what kind of blanket i wanted to make, i just randomly put some colours together that i liked and started crocheting some different hexagons when i got home. 

i ended up with a hexagon shape from a book, i modified the pattern just a little bit to get a more "solid" hexagon and i just started crocheting! it was my to-go project for four years, i took it everywhere: on the train, in the car, in the garden, in front of tv,...

when i was finishing the blanket, i realised i also needed half-hexagon shapes to fill up the edges, because i didn't like a zig-zag border. so i made up a pattern for a half hexagon. (by this time i had already run out of coloured yarn so all the half-hexagons are white). i found a pattern for a subtle border online and slightly modified it. i wanted a bigger border but unfortunately i ran out of white yarn...

now that this blanket has been in use for over a year, i can say that i'm still really happy with it!
my boyfriend loves it too and doesn't want any other blanket in our sofa. :) looking back, i only wish i would've made it a bit bigger!

  the yarn i used is Annell Rapido. i'm quite pleased with this yarn, it's softer than most acrylic yarns anyway and it comes in lots of lovely colours. but over the years i became more and more of a yarn snob and i think, if i were to make another blanket, i would choose wool or at least a wool blend.

so, that's all about my hexagon blanket! i wish i could share more details about the pattern, my modifications, the exact colourways and so on, but i was bad at keeping notes... better luck next time. :)


  1. Ik vind het fantastisch! Ook een heel erg mooie kleurencombinatie. Je ziet totaal niet dat het acryl garen is, eerder katoen. Het ziet er ook allemaal vrij ingewikkeld uit, maar dat komt waarschijnlijk omdat ik weinig verstand heb van haken ��. Maar toch, proficiat en respect!!

  2. Amai, wat een zalige deken! Je mag zeker trots zijn op jezelf, wat een werk... En ik vind de rechte rand ook mooier :)

  3. Su-per-mooi! Zowel met die hexagons als de kleuren. Een dekentje om trots op te zijn (en om stiekem voor te vechten ;-))


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